Wrong Cops Is Bluntly Bohemian


The psychotically lovable cops from the movie Wrong are the star of Quentin Dupieux’s dopey comedic ¬†2013 release, Wrong Cops. Where as the movie Wrong has a sort of serene and steady weirdness to it, the comedic scope of Wrong Cops ranges from dry avant-garde, to a vivid surrealness that has it’s own rhythm.

Mark Burham puts in some over time in playing the grubby, skeevy, spits while he’s talking, Officer Duke. Steven Little, who last time out played a very effective and persistent dog shit detective, is Officer Sunshine. The officers have developed a taste for low end corruptivity and harassment, and they really ought to do something or other about that fella who’s bleeding to death in the back of their patrol car. Although these actors aren’t the most experienced out there resume’ wise, they do an excellent job carrying the load here. There is sort of a fierce naivety to there performances, as if they both watched Training Day, and said ” Yeah I can do that”.

Quentin Dupieux effectively uses his bag of tricks with the linear narrative and tone of this movie, more so than in the previous installment of the characters in this movie universe, because this one is mostly playing for laughs. Veteran help is liberally employed ¬†throughout the cast of actors, with most notably, Marilyn Manson playing the funniest sex crime victim you’ve ever likely to see.

Wrong Cops is worth the time a day more so than it’s predecessor in the sense that it’s not only a lot more intriguing to watch where these louts end up, it also just might leave you grinning from ear to ear in the end.