The Black Angels

20170830_192040 A quest for pure sanity forms the basis of The Black Angels musical collaboration. Death Song is the latest release of this five piece Psychedelic Metal band from Austin Texas.

It’s highly recommended that this album be listened to in a space that can be filled up with  it’s volume and presence. Spell casting and wicked atmosphere resonate throughout these songs.

Whether you’re stone cold sober or have something in your system, this album will trip you out in the ways that it gets to you.




An Engine Called Fuzz


Fuzz’s listed genre of music is garage punk, and I am led to believe that is a strategic move to downplays expectations and range. A three piece that could easily pass as a larger band, Fuzz has the type of hard rock riffs that will satisfy ears grown accustom to bands both inspired by and including Black Sabbath.

One of the biggest compliments I have for their second release, Fuzz II, is how appreciative I am of this album from start to finish. There’s not one track that peaks out from the rest, and there isn’t a valley to be heard. If you have something that you need to get done, let Fuzz II drive you. This album is perfect for road trips, errands, household chores, background music for a spark of creativity, and you want to flex in front of the mirror while listening at full volume…

Go For It!