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Because You Watched WolfCop

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Well I couldn’t not watch a movie called WolfCop, and now that I have, my Netflix has created a list of movies for me titled ‘Because You Watched WolfCop’. It’s almost as if Netflix is taunting me, implying,” look motherfucker, you’re the one who wanted to see this mess.”

WolfCop is the story of a half assed police officer and full blown alcoholic, who done got turned into a werewolf. Keeping expectations low, I was significantly surprised by how mean the gore was, and once the movie got rolling I thought that I had discovered a gem. Like any good Werewolf Cop would do, upon transformation, he of course tricks out his police car in an very amusing and over the top fashion.

The first half to three quarters of this movie is pretty solid horror/comedy/gore. Therein after, I would have to guess that the filmmaker ran out of ideas, money, or likely both. This movie goes from showing us WolfCop’s brutal transformation, and completely tearing up ass on the bad guys, to some cheap looking Scooby Do ending. While WolfCop was on a high note, he should have just turned to the camera and made his own found footage jam the rest of the way, because it is unbelievable how fast the movie turns to liquid shit and just lingers there with it’s waves of stink. Overall it’s a very frustrating movie to watch, with zero payoff to the story that it builds up.

You can see WolfCop on Netflix right now if you want, or, you can see any number of other movies on there that are actually worth watching.


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