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Resolution Will Stick in Your Craw


When a thirty something man receives footage of his longtime pal engaging in questionable drugged out activity, he decides to put business and family matters aside in order to do whatever it takes to sober up his friend. By chaining him to the abandoned cabin that his friend is holed up in, he means well and is determined to be the rock in the relationship until the withdrawal symptoms and paranoia subside. However, the paranoia is slowly escalated for the both of them as mysterious objects, strangers, and folk tales end up painting a picture of a story they may not want to see the ending to.

Resolution is a horror story, and one of the things that makes it stand out is that although it does have a smattering of the typical horror story cliches, it moves at it’s own pace, to the point that you nearly forget that your watching a horror movie and end up getting really involved with the characters and the story at hand.

Without giving away too much, this movie from 2012 is different, it’s a little awkward, and if you’re able to stick it out you’ll be rewarded with one intense and memorable experience.


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