The Babadook


Amelia is a struggling single mom coping with the death of her husband, and with the fact that her son’s grasp on reality and behavior towards others is becoming questionable. One quiet night Amelia reads a strange book to her son as a bedtime story, only to discover that what resides in the pages isn’t exactly the material either of them thought it would be.

This book brings on a slow developing living nightmare experience for the both of them.

The Babadook is a tight Australian horror film that leans towards psychological horror for the most part, however when it needs to step up it’s game and provide the goods that horror fans are used to seeing, that game is legit. What make this movie work so well is the fact that a certain rythym of storytelling is established early on, making for a unique overall viewing experience. With that in tow, the movie could have been plenty watchable had the story taken place in any other genre.

The Babadook features exceptional acting, and gets playful enough with the narrative that you second guess what’s happening as the story unfolds. It’s creepy and disturbing atmosphere will linger about in your consciousness well after the initial viewing.


Calling Bullshit on the new Mad Max


Mad Max Fury Road is exactly the Mad Max sort of movie we’ve all been waiting to see, minus the exposition, characterization, and sense of unpredictability that made the Mad Max films good to begin with. The latest installment is a fun, action packed ride to watch for sure, but at the end of the day, that is all that it is.

I was fortunate enough to see this with my people, late at night, we are dressed the same, as if we were on our way to our favorite low key coffee shop or pub right after the showing. Our reactions were all about the same as well…”Yeah, I don’t know about that.”

Worth seeing yeah, worth ten dollars, nope. The action is spectacular, and director George Miller deserves some credit for having that much game left at his age.  In the end, I am left disappointing enough to not even want to bother seeing the new Terminator or Star Wars. Loud glossy goop and nothing of any substance to offer for further viewing pleasure.Snowpiercer was a better Mad Max movie than this.  Sure, Fury Road will be around and out there forever, so why bother making the effort now when you can see The Badadook, What We Do in the Shadows, or It Follows and make the event a time to remember and pass along to others.