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The Beautiful Retribution of Blue Ruin

ruin 1

Dwight, while biding his time eating discarded leftovers and dwelling inside a rotting little blue car, has let himself become a dirty, hairy, wandering loner. When confronted with an update of past events that clearly haunt him in the present, Dwight intends to carry out a very bad piece of business.

Blue Ruin is a revenge film with at least half a brain and a substantial amount of artistic integrity. The dialogue is sparse, using Macom Blair’s screen presence as Dwight to do most of the heavy lifting. The intense quietness of Dwight is explained to a degree in one scene, where he remorsefully explains that he is not used to this much conversation. You’re almost able to feel the morose tragedy that Dwight has been through by way of Macom Blair exceptionable body language.

ruin 2

The fact that Dwight is far from an unstoppable assassin brings the story into a real world setting, and given the reactions of family and friends that have not seen him for a while, you will be completely intrigued as to how it all plays out.

This film is also carried by the sharp cinematography of writer/director  Jeremy Saulnier. He’s able to make that little car look like the perfect piece of garbage, he’s able to make a forest look like a brand new experience, and when the violence strikes, it sticks.

A trailer is likely to do nothing for you other than spoil the movie outright, and thus it is recommended to go into this one as blind as you can.

Director Sauliner and actor Blair have teemed up previously for 2007’s Murder Party, which just might be worth checking out. While both of their bodies of work are in the early going, they just might be a duo to keep your eye on going forward.



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