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Quentin Dupieux wrote and directed a movie we praised some time ago called Rubber, featuring a killer tire as it’s lead. This time around, his 2012 film Wrong has a cast that is human in name only, because their actions and character are clearly something out of a dream world.

Wrong is the story of Dolph Springer, his lost dog, his new found guru Master Chang,( a cringe worthy William Fichtner) and, of course, a dogshit detective. As Quentin Duplex is quite possibly the only director with ability to make a killer tire entertaining, and this time around he painted a very sublime picture of determined oddballs in impossible situations,

It would sell the humor short to lump it into any one category. Throughout the film the presentation of absurdity shifts from dry, to broad, to over the top, and there will be an occasion or two where you’ll question if the joke is on you for watching it. The main surprise of this story is the fact that anything could happen, and it’s presented in such a matter of fact way, as if we’ve all been there and done that. That is just the sort of charm you don’t stumble upon to every day.

With as much as this film has going for it idea wise, there is an overall feeling of a missing ingredient. Perhaps a more consistent tone could have been achieved, as there aren’t many laugh out loud moments, this one is more of the ‘my goodness this is some kind of weird’ variety. Wrong would never be confused with Anchorman’s style of humor, as the biggest laugh are sure to come when the movie is over and you’re attempting to tot tell your friends just what you’ve watched.

Give Wrong a try,  and at the very least, you wont find it boring.


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