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Big Bad Wolves Takes Care of Business



A series of brutal child murders leads to an arrest,  not a conviction of, a local school teacher. Two men, flawed men, men that aren’t exactly 100% in the right, and are a thousand percent convinced that they have their man, have intersected each others lives while trying to encourage a confession out of the accused. The fun begins during numerous unexpected interruptions.

this is one such example of fun beginning

this is one such example of fun beginning

Big Bad Wolves is a comedy,crime, thriller, not necessarily in that order, that takes its crime and thrills seriously enough, with just a garnish of comedic effort. The dialogue is all in Hebrew, filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was written and directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, who have teamed up previously on another demented piece of work called Rabies ( Kalvevet in Hebrew). Quentin Tarantino has his named stamped all over this for approval and distribution, which is great if you’re fan of his, although if you’re a detractor you can be rest assured that this story is devoid of any sort of his gimmicky shtick.

The direction, pace, and shot selection is exceptionally tight. The color and contrast is particularly effective, because if it were any bleaker, you just might end up disgusted with yourself at the parts that are available to have a laugh at.   Big Bad Wolves is a solid offering for the art/indie theater crowd, and well worth making a purchase of if you’ve heard any hype at all.




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