Lunopolis is a found footage movie about found footage, and that’s alll you need to know



When one Google’s mind trip movies on Netlfix, 2009’s found footage-ish, low budget, damn near no budget, indie, sci-fi flick Lunopolis will be at the top of said lists, and when one has has a sense of imagination and a touch of adventure on their resume, one watches said movie sight unseen.

Right off the bat, this film is able to portray, with significantly limited resources to dwell on, that good old fashioned sense of classic sci-fi that we all know and love. Lunopolis starts off as three film makers found footage about a mysterious object located by way of a broadcast from their favorite unexplained phenomena radio program. Luckily the film does not settle for just being average, and as the story progresses, it finds a depth you never see coming.

While you wont recognize one actor involved, they way the intensity and complexity of the story is ramped up as it plays out goes a long way to make you forget about it’s short comings. Lunopolis is impressive while not trying to impress too hard. It may not be as subtlety mind altering as 2004’s Primer, few films are, however Lunoplis is every bit as clever as it has to be in order to tell a story effectively while still being watchable by the average person.