Minus One For Effort

Plus-One-2013-Movie-Poster 2

Director Dennis Iliadis has had some moments so far in his brief career, the enticing 2004 feature debut of Hardcore, followed up by the very professional 2009 remake of Last House on the Left. His latest effort, 2013’s +1, (Plus One), is fun, technically proficient, ¬†and leaves a whole lot to be desired.

David and Jill are a young college couple in as good of a relationship as one could hope for in that stage of their, while they are not the textbook perfect couple, they give off a vibe of being in the top ten percent. After a case of mistaken identity, Jill and David are taking a break from each other, and during this break they both end up at the party of the year. Jill arrives with her new flame, David arrives with his doofus best bud.

When the party is punctuated by drama of the paranormal/scientific kind, relationships, motives, and character are tested as the chaos builds up.

The two leads, played by an oddly familiar looking Rhys Wakefield as David, and, what one could consider to be quite the up and comer in Ashley Hinshaw, put in a a believable performance that requires them to play slight variations of the same character. The pace of the story is neither brisk nor overstays it’s welcome, and the cinematography ¬†provides the appropriate atmosphere for both a college party and sci-fi weirdness.

The problem is with the context, or, what this movie could have been versus what it was. With a unique way of pulling of a familiar concept, fun settings and scenarios, the fact that they didn’t really go anywhere with it or provide a little bit of challenge to the story presentation is a bit of a let down. This movie could have been good, and they just settled for the simple way out on so many levels that it comes across as Saturday morning cartoon sci-fi, with boobs.