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Spring Breakers Was On Point


Even if Spring Breakers wasn’t the story you asked for, it was certainly the story you deserved.  This applies film goers across the board, one size fits, or, does not fit and never will fit, all.

This is that once in a generation occasion where a movie is allowed to breathe and evolve into an art film, while getting a bigger mainstream push than good financial sense ought to allow for.

Spring Breakers is not the delicate and intimate piece of work that Upstream Color is. The fact that director Harmony Korine was able to put together such a coherent, linear piece of work right after his last film, the abstract and absurd Trash Humpers, is a testament to his film making, his story telling, his artistic focus, and his spiritual currency.

If you wanted a naughty T & A heist flick, you go it. If you wanted an emotional piece of artistic achievement that kept you on your feet, you got that too.

To complain about Spring Breakers is to not take yes for answer.



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