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Marc Maron’s Thinky Pain



Some days you just may not be in the mood to endure the grief and anguish associated with Marc Maron’s IFC television show, and, at this stage of his career and popularity, Maron certainly doesn’t need a blogger’s help for exposure.

However, this “stand up” / story telling Netflix special clocks in at 90 minutes, feels like it’s barely a half hour long, and at that, you’d be happy to sit through for hours of it. The way he’s able to engage his audience without directly telling “jokes” is in rare form here.

What is even more fascinating to note is that there is an episode of Maron’s IFC show where he dates a dominatrix style sex worker, the dialogue complete with lines of her pissing on clients. That episode has commercial trailers for it, it’s marketable, it’s a thing. How crazy is that?

If the same story scenario would have been released in, oh say, 1990, it would have been given at least an NC-17 rating and made 80% of it’s audience ashamed to to talk about it, and that would include the reviewers that gave it a positive rating.

These days, it’s a regular type thing that we can grasp and have a good laugh about, and to that I say…

O.k society, we’re in a good spot now, let’s not fuck this up.


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