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The ambiguous, out of focus, opening shot of Starlet, with it’s soft indie music, will tell you as much as you need to know about what kind of film you’re about to watch. It might not be a great film, it may not even be a good film, it will however, be a cool film.

21 year old Jane, ( played by Dree Hemingway) an up in comer in her profession of choice, forces a friendship with 85 year old Sadie after their chance meeting at a yard sale. Sadie is played by the age appropriate Besedka Johnson. Amazingly, this is her first film credit, and, unfortunately, it will be her only film credit as she passed on in 2013.

Starlet is  a actor driven melodrama that lends it’s characters and events the space to breathe. There several minutes of porno quality nudity, and you will not mind seeing the sleek and slender body of Dree Hemingway.

While the expected and obvious storytelling payoff is not to be had, anyone who can put two and two together will be able to figure out that both people in this new found cross generational relationship were keeping something from each other. With an ending as nearly as ambiguous as the beginning, this film as a whole is a satisfying piece of cinema.

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  1. Excellent, this has been sitting in my queue for about a month now.

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