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Cosmopolis is a little too Cronenbergy for our refined tastes.



Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a 28 year old billionaire/captain of industry who’s limo is crawling it’s away across a futuristic Manhattan, security detail in tow. Frequently interrupted by flash mob anarchists chanting ‘ A Spectre Is Haunting The World’, Eric Packer plays with all the women and soaks up all the danger.

Cosmopolis is dark and weird, as only director David Cronenberg can deliver, and unfortunately as tunnel visioned as Pattinson’s neo yuppie character Eric Packer. Sure, it features probably the longest proctology exam in cinema history, and a cool ambiguous ending, it’s just that the overall sustenance isn’t much to brag about.

What we have to say boils down to this- if seeing Cosmopolis at your run down art house theater followed by drinks and light conversation with the right company , then you will have yourself a time. Beyond that, it’s certainly not worth owning, watching again, or even mentioning it beyond the company of your next day’s companions.

” So what have you been up to lately?”

” Oh, I saw the new Cronenberg film, and it wasn’t a big deal”


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