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The Babysitters


After an ride home turns into an evening of spontaneous exploration with an older man( John Leguizamo), over achieving high schooler Shirley (Katherine Waterston) tricks out her babysitting service to provide teen call girls to suburban dads. As with any extended level of crime participation, not everything goes as planned, although nothing truly seedy or dark happens either.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just seems like with this type of story line, for no one to really get hurt in the end, for there not to be any sort of payoff one way or the other for the quickly deteriorating display of morals, for it to be neither a sexploitation nor a sex comedy, the product on display leaves a lot to be desired. Where some movies will make up for there lack of character depth and unresolved plot lines by giving us the filthy goods, The Babysitters grossly under delivers in every way possible . The idea of a small army of middle aged men raping high schoolers without consequence raises questions of serious storytelling credibility.

There are some high points, especially if your name is John Leguizamo. After shooting wrapped, Mr. Leguizamo may as well have just shot himself in the head, because even with his top dollar, he’s never going to kiss a finer body than the one owned by Katherine Waterson. I wouldn’t trade her extended scene where she walks around in a shirt you can practically see through for any other nude scene in the world of cinema.

A significantly more graphic and plotted out version of this tale as a weekly one hour drama could very well be the type of thing to be the next big hit for an A&E, Showtime, or HBO. This version of The Babysitters however, is just plain bland.


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  1. David H. ⋅

    I had a college professor who commented on my paper: “A good review of a ‘less than stellar’ [book/movie]

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