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When people begin exploding from stress, corporate middle manager George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach Galifianakis) tries to ignore the epidemic and live his usual life, but then he suffers his first symptom. Adding to his stress is his pretty but miserable wife Michelle (Judy Greer) and an older brother( the always interesting James Le Gros) who’s moved back home to concentrate on making a track team that haunts him in his dreams, and inadvertently starts a counter cultural movement in George’s backyard.

2008’s Visioneers takes place in either the near distant future, or possibly an entirely alternate universe, a world where giving someone the middle finger is an inspirational hand gesture on par with the thumbs up and the high five.

A while back, Mike Judge, the director of Office Space, made a movie about a futuristic dumbed down society called Idiocracy. Idiocracy  suffered the unusual fate and being very silly without actually being funny. While Visioneers has a similar theme, it’s succeeds by neither committing to present itself as a comedy or a drama, and in doing so creates it’s own cinematic beat.

Visioneers is darker than what you might be prepared for, but in the end it resonates as a very contemplative experience.



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2 responses to “Visioneers

  1. This sounds vaguely familiar (at least the people exploding from stress part) – maybe I saw the trailer? Anyway, looks interesting. I really enjoyed Idiocracy though – so dead on and while being silly and ridiculous seemed so much more dark comedy to me than intentionally funny (or not funny).

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