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So Good You Will Melt and Then You Will Reform Yourself


Remember last year when your neighborhood just could not fucking get over King Tuff? Well Milk Music has returned at just the right time to make sure that shit doesn’t happen again.

Milk’s Music’s four piece ensemble of playful timing and arrangements are as fresh and crisp as ever, so  anyone who was willing to settle for just more of the same will be especially delighted. The guitar solos are as long, rich, and luxurious as one could possibly ask for, and it would not be a complete shock to find out that in the midst of one of these solos, Weezer’s Pinkerton  was played note for note in it’s entirety. The lyrics are both relatable and grande, with some of the tracks telling the story of any our lives, while other tracks speak to you on a mystical scale similar to the likes of Marc Bolan and J.R.R Tolkien.

Milk Music’s latest offering, Cruise Your Illusion, is probably the fourth best album of the year, if only because it’s more poetic to finish just out of the money.


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