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The Raging Bull of Pro Wrestling Movies



One summer I lived a about block away from a Hollywood Video store that was going out of business, and decided to take a stroll on down to see what kind of bizarro obscuro I could find on the cheap. All of their VHS was a dollar a piece, so I got my gluttony on and loaded up with B movie madness. The very last title I came across was Grunt: The Wrestling Movie. Seems like I had seen this poor deranged looking cardboard box in one video store or another since I was a toddler. All in all that day, I grabbed 72 of the most warped looking VHS titles to ever stain the palm of my hands. Getting them home was a bit of an issue since my car was in the shop. However, the raccoon eyed clerk came up with the grand idea of stuffing them all into a doubled up garbage bag for me to tote, and tote I did. It must have been quite the sight to see a 6″3″ man child grinning from ear to ear as he makes his way down the side walk with a lumpy white bag. I know my neighbors loved it when I reached the top of the stairs only for the trash bag to conveniently tear and have an avalanche of VHS tapes tumble down the steps. Timing, I got it, you want it.

As it turns out Grunt was the cream of the crop, a crop that would include Alice Cooper’s Monster Dog and 1975’s trash classic, The Black Gestapo. Grunt starts off with a black and white cinema style wrestling match. From there it’s shot pretty much all hand held and edited documentary style, with the story focusing on tragedy and triumph. There’s quite a bit of unintentional comedy, along with Scott Hall, about a decade before he would become Razor Ramon, making a cameo as American Starship Coyote. I guess that was a name just waiting for the right time to enter our cultural lexicon.

Grunt doesn’t care about anything as it invites you to join the absurd ride that it is, and you wont know whether to laugh or cry.



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