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Holy Motors Is Flat Out Fresh

Holy Motors

It’s understandable why someone would want to have 90 minutes of escapism with the latest horror movie remake, what’s implausible is that anyone would truly like it, and that disdain is on full display in the box office numbers.The fact that the number one grossing movie over the weekend has been different every week for well over a month now should tell you that people are in the mood for something different. Taking a look at some of the more popular music videos that have been made, you’ll notice that all of them are wildly imaginative. One must question why this works out so well for music videos, but the top five grossing movies of any given weekend are repeatably bland.

Holy motors follows a day in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a man who is driven from one happening to the next by his loyal limousine driver Celine. Along the way he takes on several personas with a wicked commitment to the moment . The tone of the film changes with each one of his eccentric characters, keeping the audience relentlessly mystified.

Director Leos Corax’s intent was to produce this as a well budgeted English film. One could surmise that in his failure to do so, Corax was inspired to take a few more chances than what he had originally planned.

Holy Motors is a film that is anything but simple, at the same time it is not too far removed from your comfort zone. When the music videos that work so well to move the albums of the respected artists get over a million views on youtube, someone, somewhere, is doing something wrong if they can’t successfully promote a movie like this to a wide audience.


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2 responses to “Holy Motors Is Flat Out Fresh

  1. Yes yes yes! I cannot wait to watch this movie this weekend and your review has made the wait even more unbearable. I caught a clip of the accordion part and was immediately hooked. I am so pleased to see that the boldness and strangeness of that clip runs through the movie.

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