In Honor of Black History Month

Glenn+Danzig 1

Danzig 2

Musha ring dum a do dum a da

Whack for my daddy-o

White folks love the Danziiiiiiiig


Holy Motors Is Flat Out Fresh

Holy Motors

It’s understandable why someone would want to have 90 minutes of escapism with the latest horror movie remake, what’s implausible is that anyone would truly like it, and that disdain is on full display in the box office numbers.The fact that the number one grossing movie over the weekend has been different every week for well over a month now should tell you that people are in the mood for something different. Taking a look at some of the more popular music videos that have been made, you’ll notice that all of them are wildly imaginative. One must question why this works out so well for music videos, but the top five grossing movies of any given weekend are repeatably bland.

Holy motors follows a day in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a man who is driven from one happening to the next by his loyal limousine driver Celine. Along the way he takes on several personas with a wicked commitment to the moment . The tone of the film changes with each one of his eccentric characters, keeping the audience relentlessly mystified.

Director Leos Corax’s intent was to produce this as a well budgeted English film. One could surmise that in his failure to do so, Corax was inspired to take a few more chances than what he had originally planned.

Holy Motors is a film that is anything but simple, at the same time it is not too far removed from your comfort zone. When the music videos that work so well to move the albums of the respected artists get over a million views on youtube, someone, somewhere, is doing something wrong if they can’t successfully promote a movie like this to a wide audience.

The Fabulous Stains Now on Netflix


Corrine “Third Degree” Burns (Diane Lane) and her all-girl punk band The Stains ( featuring a surprisingly chubby Laura Dern ) are given a chance to tour backing up a young English punk band The Looters (featuring Paul Cook and Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols,Paul Simonen of The Clash, and a surprisingly thin Ray Winstone) and an old washed up heavy metal band The Metal Corpses. They’re driven from one dingy show to the next by affable Rastafarian, Lawnboy, on a bus which on a good day might be held together with duct tape.

When the Stains new song ‘I’m a waste of time’ ends up garnering more attention than the veteran bands that took them in, everyone wants a piece of their next move. A next move that may be hard to come by from three girls with such limited life experience.

This isn’t an Oscar winner by any means, but it does have a certain charm to it. The performances seem to come off without a sense of self awareness. Seeing three punk legends just after the crash of punk mix it up with several up and coming actors, well that’s a god damn piece of time right there. Without revealing any spoilers, several social trends are conspicuously revealed before they actually took place in our real world. You may notice some similarities between The Stains and 2010’s The Runaways, but outside of Michael Shannon’s fun performance, The Runaways is just a bright, shiny, forgettable movie. The Stains display of culture and character will stick with you even though the pace and visual imagery may not be up 21st century standards.

Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains had a very limited release in 1982 and has never been available on vhs or dvd due to so many reasons, that the amount of questionable tit on display is probably the least of the studio’s worries. Viewing this has been hit or miss, receiving brief play on late night cable and art house/ film festival revivals. All of that and the right word of mouth has only added to it’s cult status.

You can have a Super Bowl party if you want, but it’d be a whole lot cooler if set your projector to The Fabulous Stains.