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Australian Gothic


15 minutes into The Snowtown Muders, the would be patriarch demands his girlfriend’s son to murder his dog…and that’s not even this guy’s worst idea.

Lucas Pittaway plays 16 year old Jamie who’s mother’s boyfriend seems keen on taking his neighborhood watch gang to the next psychotic level. Daniel Henshall plays the charming and brutal John Bunting. Not only is it John’s dream to have all the town’s predators and scumbags round up and executed, it’s even his favorite dinner table conversation. The execution of John’s ideas are as hard to watch as they are poignant, the violence here is deep, dark, and lasting.

This 2011 Australian film appears to be director Justin Kurzel’s first feature work. It’s a simmering, intense, hold your breath experience to say the least. Justin Kurzel’s shot selection displays remarkable taste, cinematographer Adam Arkapaw creates a frightening tone with his use ( or non use) of color, and Jed Kurzel music is the sort of eerie that will make the hairs on your neck tingle.

The Snowtown Murders is probably as complete of a film that you’ll ever see out of a story this horrific.


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2 responses to “Australian Gothic

  1. Gorror

    This movie was really really brutal, watched it a while ago and had to wikipedia John Bunting to find out more about this crazy bastard, seriously disturbing stuff

  2. Nice to see another Snowtown fan 🙂

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