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What You’re Listening To In 2012: Death Grips


Death Grips have a little but of soul and a whole lot of anger. It’s not the sort of anger that you’re used to, straightforward, aggressive, over and out. It’s more of a consistent dread, an implication that if you think this is bad, then what’s next is worse.  There latest 2012 release, No Love Deep Web, is never comfortable but always interesting.

The future is not likely to hold a Death Grips Greatest Hits collection. Going forward it’s likely that bits and pieces of what this scary noise rap outfit does best will be used and abused, by bands that will forever be more popular than Death Grips from the standpoint of commercial marketability.

Right now Death Grips is ours, even if we didn’t wan’t, didn’t need, or didn’t ask for them.


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