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Bellflower is Finally on Netflix



Last year we ran a teaser piece about Bellfower, you can check that out here

This isn’t a standard review by any means and that’s mostly to due with how much ambiguity plays into the experience of this film, in particular the last third of it. We’re all for a story that’s left open to interpretation when it’s done right, and Bellflower is very good at that. A good example of a bad example would be the recently reviewed Beyond The Black Rainbow. Balance between story telling and story interpretation is needed in order for this to work effectively.

Bellfower did pretty big business at our local art house theater, and now it is available on Netflix. What’s unfortunate is that it has yet to be shown on the Sundance channel or IFC. If these channels were of the caliber they were ten,  or even five years ago, Bellflower would be on once a week at least. Back then they were playing Donnie Darko with that sort of frequency, but these days they are content to serve up the same fare as TBS. Sad, sickening, yet all to true.

These days you have to work just a little bit harder to find the good stuff.


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