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Nick Nolte Smokes Crack Straight From The Pipe


The Sundance Chanel has been airing a strange little documentary/biography of Nick Nolte, wherein Nick Nolte, interviews Nick Nolte, about Nick Nolte related events.

The context provides some quality entertainment value from the mouth of Nolte, who comes off as a cross between Charles Bukowski and America’s version of Klau Kinksi. The mini interviews of various stars and behind the scenes people who have worked with Nolte over the years are well meaning enough, and stop just barely short of being out right ass kissy.

Where the project goes wrong is in the presentation. It is poorly shot and likely to have been edited on someone’s lap top, there really isn’t any sort of definitive flow or rhythm to it.  Nolte gives some candid answers about his life and dishes out humorous nuggets of wisdom with out so much as a flinch. Nolte’s time, effort, and energy deserves a more inspiring, if not more professional setting. One really has to wonder about the heights this project could have aspired to if the people behind the camera didn’t damn near ruin the entire thing.

There are worse documentaries about better subjects, and there are better documentaries about less entertaining subjects, but this is one that could have had an impact in both pop culture, the film festival scene, and the movie awards, had it been handled right. As it stands it’s still pretty darn good if you have the right amount of time and patience.

For anyone who would rather immerse themselves into the more quality work of Nick Nolte, some of his best include Farewell to the King, Mother Night, Affliction, and The Good Thief.



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