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Nominated for this, nominated for that, nominated for everything except a wiffle ball bat.

Enter The Void was the smooth pillow talk of all 2009 film festivals, and to call it’s release limited would be an understatement. You have to put time, effort, and energy into finding this one. After all that work, you’re probably not going to like what you find. The story of a casual drug user named Oscar is not a comfortable one, in terms of both story and presentation.

Director Gasper Noe isn’t trying to make any friends her, which isn’t entirely shocking considering his brutal filmography. The frustrating part with both Enter The Void, and his other work, is that he come so close to something presentable and well crafted before crawling up his own ass. A movie like Wim Winders 1987 Wings of Desire may not be for everyone, it wont play at a multiplex and you can’t recommend it to your neighbor Bob, but it is linear enough to be understood by anyone, if not enjoyed.

From the opening credits you just kind of want to strangle the director for the unnecessary assault on your senses. The story is then told via first person shooter style camera work, and that gets annoying real quick. We don’t who we would recommend Enter The Void to, and at the same time, we’re able to recognize what a rich experience it was to see this film in a small art house theater with the right crowd. The supporting male actors are pretty good, and we would gladly check out their other work. ┬áThere are also no complaints whatsoever about a constantly nude Paz de la Huerta. There are some excellent scenes between characters, but the non linear meanderings of the director get in the way of the story capitalizing on some of it’s better moments.

We’d say Gasper Noe should burn in hell for this, but we’re pretty sure he’s headed there anyways.