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A Profane PB&J for the Heart

A movie being rated R solely due to the abrasive cursing of it’s protagonist is a testament to something. A testament to what, we’re not really sure of.

I Like Killing Flies is an endearing documentary that gives us a A glimpse of Greenwich Village and it’s characters as seen through the viewpoint of a patriarch run little eatery. The subject of gentrification is touched upon some, as the Shopsins diner must relocate from the eclectic space it occupies into a more contemporary facility. The star of this documentary is Kenny Shopsin, part Woody Allen, part Moondog Rex, and all character.This man has philosophy on tap.

Kenny’s children, who range from ne’er do well to future community college dropout, give a helping hand, sometimes in a very loose sense of the word. He has a loving wife, and loyal customers even though we’re led to believe that Kenny is someone who is more “tolerated” than truly liked. He’s the bread winner of the family and prepares a dank lunch..

what are you gonna do?


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