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What You’re Listening To In 2012: King Tuff

Sometimes erring on the side of cool will leave one feeling just a little bit slutty. The whole damn neighborhood is playing this album, and acting like they’ve seen the face of God. Well damn us and call it personal, but we’re not that impressed. 40 Minutes and twelve tracks long, this collection of jean jacket jamz reaches it’s peak at track five, a bopping ditty called  ‘Bad Thing’. The rest of the album is pretty march harmless. None of the other songs are really iPod material, but they aren’t offensively boring either. It’s peppy and pretty and your girlfriends will all love it. In fact if you can get them to listen to this rather than anything gracing the stage at Lilith Fair, you may have stumbled ass end over teakettle into a win win situation.

Not so much a step back from what should be playing during summer time socialization, but not exactly fashion forward either. The backwards hat wearing crowd has The Eagles of Death Metal, the DIY crowd has King Tuff, and we have a headache.


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