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Name Brand Renegades

Exit Through The Gift Shop is the story of how Thierry Guetta, an eccentric French shopkeeper based out of Los Angeles, tried to capture something that hadn’t been captured before in his document of street graffiti artists.

Despite the the convoluted hype and meta reviews , Exit is a fun film that is easy to keep up with. The pop music score, by Geoff Barrow of Portishead, is a very good fit as they easily could have gone with a much harder edge given what their target audience is presumed to be.

Released in 2010 and nominated for best documentary at the 2011 Academy Awards, chances are Exit Through The Gift Shop had a solid commercial push to reach it audience. We know we’re not going to break ground and introduce you to something new here, so instead we’re going to encourage YOU to persuade someone ELSE, to give it a try.

Could be your grandparents. Maybe you put on a radical demonstration of street art by projecting the trailer to Exit on the walls of public places. Perhaps hold a film night for the bearded folks down at the homeless shelter.We have pretty fond memories of donating a copy of Pootie Tang to our nearest shelter, and hearing the lingo being passed around with enthusiasm during our next visit.

Now get out there and make a memory of your own.





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