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David Has Your Number

This David Lynch directed video from the David Lynch album of singing is age restricted, so you may need to sign in to youtube right and proper to view it.


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5 responses to “David Has Your Number

  1. Love David Lynch. A friend showed me his TV series “Twin Peaks” yesterday. It’s actually on Netflix now if you want to check it out. Pretty graphic.

  2. Lynch is a trip all of himself even without the often nightmarish visuals he produces. I expect my love of him came out of my childhood love of Tim Burton as they share the same dark style, weirdo quirks, and fantastically symbolic and dreamlike storytelling. I wasn’t a huge fan of this album but the videos, like this one, have all been top notch. OH! The other commenter’s recommendation of Twin Peaks is something to seriously consider. It’s weird, touching, hilarious, and horrifying (and sometimes all those things at once). It’s easily one of my favorite television shows.

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