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Headhunters Is Some Arsh Stucking Fuff

2012 is shaping to be a vintage year for violence. Outrage, 13 Assassins, Kill List, and The Raid: Redemption have some company with director Nordem Tyldum’s  Headhunters.

Corporate headhunter ( placement manager for the 100k earning set) Roger Brown moonlites as an art thief to fund his overextended-maxed out credit-extravagant lifestyle, trophy wife, and girlfriend on the side.  Our anti hero and his sketchy accomplice steal a big deal painting from a big time potential client. A potential client who may be sleeping with Roger’s wife, and also has a particular set of skills that one can only obtain through combat.

From there things go from zero to torture porn crazy in this deranged crime/thriller/heist/revenge flick.  This here’s a genre film, not that you’d notice between the exhilarating pace and excellent craftsmanship on display. A top notch cast and solid character development makes this a genre film in the top three percentile of it’s class.  Any story featuring a thieving, cheating, yuppie, an unhinged thug, and a sadistic alpha male that eventually gives you someone or something to root for is some must see action indeed.

Best to catch it fresh before Mark Wahlberg ruins it for everyone with a by the numbers remake complete with an unnecessarily urban soundtrack.


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