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Some Flicks Just Like To Get Down

Good cop Rama must lead his inexperienced and over matched police squad against a crime lord and his mad dog army in a 15 story high tenement building, in The Raid: Redemption.

Written and directed by up and coming Welshman Gareth Evans and staring Iko Uwais as SWAT team leader Rama, Joe Taslim as psychotic bad guy Jaka, and the tribal warfare fighting style of Pencak Silat.

There really is nothing to prepare you for the onslaught of action that ensues. This is Gareth Evans and fight choreographer Yayan Ruhian’s second film together and they have really hit their stride in terms of craftsmanship. Simply referring to this as an action or martial arts film doesn’t quite do it justice. The Raid is a film that is not only at the top of it’s genre, but has also set an impossible new standard. The cinematography of Matt Flannery, another Gareth Evans regular, makes a major contribution with with his multiple angles and usage of hand held zoom.  Although the script is sparse by design, the cast does an amazing job of projecting their characters.

This will probably be the only film you will ever see that is EXACTLY the product that is advertised in the trailer, and then some. What could be and should be the indie darling, most talked about, ” have you seen” movie of the year, is akin to watching all four Die Hards…at once…on a roller coaster…in a bad part of town.


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