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As It Turns Out Limitless Actually Has A Few Limitations

Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a down and out writer who is introduced to experimental top secret drug NZT and uses his new found mental abilities to  discover a world  where some would like to have him assassinated, some would like him to be their asset, and some would very much like the old Eddie back.

Anyone who’s a part of a movie going crowd has seen the trailer, if not the movie by now. What peaks our interest here is the lack of coverage by indie blogs, because for all it’s flaws, Limitless has an interesting premise that borderlines on being edgy, which isn’t something that the mainstream throws our way with any sort of regularity.

Bradley Cooper provides a multi layered performance as his Eddie Morra, evolves, adapts, charms, devolves, and runs through the entire cycle again.  Robert DeNiro turns in a subtle performance as Carl Van Loon, the mogul who likes Eddie new talents but is also skeptical about the who,what,where,why,and how behind his abilities.  Basically, the annoying traits that were on full display by these actors in the trailer aren’t any sort of a deterrent to seeing the movie.

Where the flaws play in here begin with the idiotic recurring voice over by the Eddie Morra character. Although it does have it’s poignant moments, less would have been more and the voice over does a great disservice to the way the story could have played out in a cinematically. Also worth noting is the lack of boldness in the shot selection, cinematography, and editing. We’re dealing with Hollywood here, so the lack of risk taking is not surprising. Cinematographer Jo Williams, whose work can also be admired in the excellent 2004 film Hard Candy, does a a professional modern job, but there really isn’t any one scene that generates the excitement of repeated viewing.  One would think that any movie that features human blood slurping just might want to play it up a little, build around and capture that one moment with a certain cinematic flow and style to it rather than just treating it like any other scene in any other movie.

They could have had something special here, the next Fight Club, the next Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They could have made something great, a movie that would stand the test of time.

Instead they settled on just making a good movie…

and they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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