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Tim and Eric Tongue Kiss a Demon

Chances are that if Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is playing anywhere near your part of town, then it’s playing at the art house/ indie theater. The kind of theater who’s management  would not only turn a blind eye towards toking up pre movie,   but would be ok with joining in on the tokage.  It’s also now available on DVD and Blu-ray for those in the hookah crowd.

Anyone familiar with Tim and Eric’s tv show will enjoy this movie, and anyone not familiar with their show will like it too, that is if they’re halfway decent to hang out with.

Although there is the same cast of weirdoes and cameo appearance artists, this is an actual linear movie and not a collection of skits.  The pace is just a little different, which is a good thing since if it moved the exact same way the tv show does, it would akin to eating your Easter, Halloween, and Christmas candy all in one sitting.

The basic premise is that Tim and Eric are given a billion dollars to make a movie and of course they royally fuck it up. In order to not have their loved ones murdered by the vile corporate types who lent them the money, ( Robert Loggia doing Robert Loggia type things), they put everything they have left in revitalizing a ramshackle mall.

Are they successful? Are they pretty? Does Ron Don Volante save the day? You’ll just have to roll about half a dozen joints and find out.





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