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Sleigh Bells Can Fuck Right Off

fuck yo denim

Sleigh Bells would have you believe that they are the perfect mashup between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jack White, but the truth is they are sad pool of tomfuckery. Yeah, they had you for a moment, there was a teeny tiny speck of time when you were on their side, you heard a bloop and bleep and a riff  and you could sense the attitude they were giving off, and maybe you decided to put them in your back pocket for just a little while.

Well that little while is long gone little sister. Sleigh Bells are hollow, Alexis Krauss is a nanosecond away from arm fat and jowls,  I think we’ve had enough, and it’s time to get fed up.

Maybe Peaches can help wash this terrible taste out of our mouths.



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