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Samuel L. Jackson’s Wowee Zowee Torture Spectacular

In 2010’s intense psychological thriller Unthinkable, directed by Gregor Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson plays an FBI “consultant” who interrogates a bombing suspect that has intentionally allowed himself to be caught after announcing he has planted nuclear bombs in three American cities.

Unthinkable starts off as a very unassuming film, then slowly builds up the intensity and leaves you questioning your own moral boundaries. Starting with the standard police precinct scene of the movie, but in this case it’s the FBI head quarters, we are introduced to a would be terrorist played by Michael Sheen with his best poker face. FBI agent Helen Brody  is compelled to always take the moral high ground and is strongly played by Carrie-Anne Moss. Brandon Routh plays another member of the FBI team, and you know if a movie can make him seem passable as an actor then it really must have something going for it. Here Brandon isn’t given the opportunity ruin the whole show, and his presence comes off as adding a little bit of pop to the cast. The always fun to watch Stephen Root is the broker between the FBI and the shady Black Ops, his character is sort of the slippery “we were never here” type.

The whole movie goes next level after Samuel L. Jackson’s “H” is introduced. His performance as the interrogator is like Ordell Robbie with the I.Q of Hannibal Lecter. His actions go way beyond questionable methods, shocking both the viewer and the characters he interacts with.

Director Gregor Brown puts together a crisp thriller that leaves a lasting impression. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come with him, as his other work, although flawed, certainly has it’s impressive moments.

It’s hard to fathom why a movie of this caliber has received so little fanfare. At the very least, the cringeable violence and touchy subject matter should sparked off a little bit of controversy or protest of some degree.  I guess when relevancy punches the bully in the mouth, the bully shuts the fuck up.


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