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Chevy Chase Solutions

Here at Kid Miracle Shitter we take great pride in seeing ourselves as the Untied Nations of entertainment crisis.

We’re here to help.

We’re here to make friends.

67 year old part time actor and full time dry drunk Chevy Chase is as in touch with the type of audience Community appeals to as in touch gets.  We feel that it’s up to us to preserve his outstanding comedic range and mass youth appeal by zigging where others would zag.

Solution 1A- Keep the character of Pierce Hawthorne but replace Chevy the actor with a different guest star every week.  Young, old, black or white, the stars would line up to don the wig, glasses, and turtleneck.  Bob Odenkirk, Greg “the Hammer” Valentine, Tilda Swinton, etc.

Solution 1B- Community regulars Starburns and Magnitude murder Pierce Hawthorne in a porn shop parking lot.


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