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Let’s Get Delirious!

2009’s The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, intricately directed by David Russo, is a viewing experience that falls somewhere in between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Little Miss Sunshine.

After getting fired from his nice office job, Dory ( played by Marshall Allman from True Blood) ponders life while slumming it as a night janitor.  At his new job he meets a spastic clown prince of loserdom, fellow janitor O.C ( played by Vince Vieluf , whom IMDb swankily refers to as the hardest working actor in Hollywood). The janitors come across some some addictive test market cookies with side effects as surreal as the day is long.

Then all heck and gosh darnits trickle loose in a turn for the weird. You want existentialism? This movie is just dripping with it. You want ass fish? This movie HAS ass fish!

The slick visuals, fun editing, scrappy acting, and mysteriously funny story line kinda sorta, sorta kinda, kinda kinda sorta,  swirl around together and build up to an operatic like crescendo that’s unique enough to make you feel like you’ve discovered something, and accessible enough to make you want to share it with others.

From start to finish, Little Dizzle is just pure fuckin’ Gucci.




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