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There’s Gomorrah, and Then There’s Everything Else

Winner of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, Gomorrah tells five stories of individuals who think they can make an impact with Italy’s mafia, the Camorra.

Robert Saviano wrote the best selling book that inspired the movie, by going undercover and using informants. He named names, accounted for precise details, and now lives under permanent police protection after numerous threats linked to “godfathers” of the Neapolitan crime family.

Director Matteo Garrone uses a bleak and lean documentary style that leaves the viewer feeling like they are a part of the landscape as the dread patiently unfolds.

You wont come away from Gomorrah with movie quotes or characters you can imitate at your next social gathering. To watch Gomorrah is to absorb Gomorrah, similar to way one takes in fine art at a museum.


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  1. Very nice review! You’re a good writer. I’m going to add you to our blog roll.

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