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What You’re Listening To In 2012: The Men Have Returned

We told everyone about the debut album by The Men last year, we spoke highly of them, and there were applause and congratulations, there were toasts, plates were smashed, some goats wandered in, women danced topless and men danced bottomless.

The new offering by The Men, Open Your Heart, can be politely described as…less abrasive. That original sound is still there, but this time around they are noticeably more upbeat. Not that it’s  full on pop rock mind you, but the gut instincts say that they may be trending in that direction.

Open Your Heart isn’t exactly the party album of the year, but it does a decent enough job of getting the party started. If you’re looking for the next Kings of Leon, The Men may be it, and if you’re looking to avoid the next Kings of Leon, you can still partake in this album before bidding adieu to what was a good scene while it lasted.


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