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Disco Killer

Raul Peralta is an aging dance troop leader, part time crook, and full time sadistic filth monger in late 70’s Chile. Raul is completely obsessed with the movie Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta’s disco dancing character…

Tony Manero

We wont spoil this by saying anything more about the story.Taking a look at IMDb reviews of this movie, you’ll see that they are all missing the same thing, which tells you the caliber of lameness going on around there. There is an absurd, sick, humor to this movie. This is the Disco version of Man Bites Dog. If you haven’t seen Man Bites Dog, then it’s time to see Man Bites Dog. Then a few days later, after you’ve caught your breath, watch Tony Manero.

Director Pablo Larrain’s 2008 film is a pretty hip piece of work, and we can highly recommend taking a look at his filmography. This one should go down as an indie classic.



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