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As Seen on the Documentary Channel

Hey Dillon: The Last Great DJ-Directed by Dean J Augustin-2009

As technology and tastes change the number of DJ’s, radio announcers that primarily play music, significantly decline each year. This is the story of Brett Dillon, who has been a country DJ since age 15.

Although eclectic movies aren’t for everyone, an argument could easily be made that this movie isn’t for anyone. Brett Dillon is a great DJ, and like any great DJ he is persistently annoying, has a terrible haircut, and dresses like he robbed a corpse.

What Brett lacks in talent and camera presence, the filmmakers match with their own bland style of storytelling. This would include interviewing people about Dillon in a manner which implies that we, the viewer, should already know who these “legends” are. The editing between the interview subjects and the stock footage is just atrocious. There is quite a bit of tasteless, pseudo new wave country rock also on display here.

This movie is pretty much the equivalent of being stuck in a long line at the grocery store, and the person either in front of you or behind you is a work a day laymen who attempts to get your attention by venting about there job at the sock factory.From the first you moment you meet Brett Dillon, you want to punch him.

Keep watching and you’ll want to do worse to the people responsible for this “endeavor”.


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