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It’s Okay To Not Like Yelawolf

You don’t actually have to like Yelawolf in order to like Yelawolf. You just have to err on the right side of the equation. Take for instance, that douchebag that shows up to like 1% of your social functions and when you get them talking to see if they speak the same language, he says something like

” Yeah, I listen to The Black Keys”

That poser couldn’t even name a Black Keys song, but you know what he’s all about; the babes residing in your scene. Who can blame him?

Well it’s high time you got yours. You’ll need to dig deep into the depths of wardrobe fuckery and accessorize a wifebeater shirt with a black scarf and wool cap. Forge a pair of cut off shorts and soak them in a tub of Corona overnight.

You’re going to the Yelawolf show, where they proudly serve restaurant quality ass.


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