What You’re Listening To In 2012: The Men Have Returned

We told everyone about the debut album by The Men last year, we spoke highly of them, and there were applause and congratulations, there were toasts, plates were smashed, some goats wandered in, women danced topless and men danced bottomless.

The new offering by The Men, Open Your Heart, can be politely described as…less abrasive. That original sound is still there, but this time around they are noticeably more upbeat. Not that it’s  full on pop rock mind you, but the gut instincts say that they may be trending in that direction.

Open Your Heart isn’t exactly the party album of the year, but it does a decent enough job of getting the party started. If you’re looking for the next Kings of Leon, The Men may be it, and if you’re looking to avoid the next Kings of Leon, you can still partake in this album before bidding adieu to what was a good scene while it lasted.


Bobcat Goldthwait is a Beautiful Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful, Beautiful Man

Disgusted with American society and diagnosed with a brain tumor, Frank teams up with teenager Roxy and the two begin killing reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant in God Bless America, directed by the equally repugnant yet completely adorable Robert Francis Goldthwait.

Goldthwait’s 1991 masterpiece, Shakes the Clown, was absolutely crucified in it’s time, but has retained a certain hysterical, offbeat, cynical quality to it that remains fresh to this day.

God Bless America is not great, we really don’t even feel right about saying that it’s good.  The problem being is that it never really rises above satire, the tone is one note. With our earlier review of Super, the changing tone is really what led that movie to seep into your brain and do some fantastic poisoning. This movie could have, and should have risen to a level of Fight Club or Battle Royale. It’s made clear early on that it doesn’t care to.

How cool would it have been if Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman would have played the lead in a pseudo serious David Fincheresque version of this?


You can see God Bless America right now on Netflix, as it’s probably not worth a trip to the theater. It’s amusing enough, and with the season finale of Portlandia coming up, yuk yuks are in short supply.



Blaxploitation Space Opera

Most pimps have there hoes strung out.  One could assume that there is quite the profitable market  for running clean hoes, and one would be wrong because the underbelly set don’t take kindly to those who make waves on Planet Earth.

Picture The Black Hole, Flash Gordon, and the very best of the worst blaxploitation movies of the 1970’s as we introduce you to Pimp Goody Two Shoes…

he’s sorta like Jesus multiplied by Pi.



Disco Killer

Raul Peralta is an aging dance troop leader, part time crook, and full time sadistic filth monger in late 70’s Chile. Raul is completely obsessed with the movie Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta’s disco dancing character…

Tony Manero

We wont spoil this by saying anything more about the story.Taking a look at IMDb reviews of this movie, you’ll see that they are all missing the same thing, which tells you the caliber of lameness going on around there. There is an absurd, sick, humor to this movie. This is the Disco version of Man Bites Dog. If you haven’t seen Man Bites Dog, then it’s time to see Man Bites Dog. Then a few days later, after you’ve caught your breath, watch Tony Manero.

Director Pablo Larrain’s 2008 film is a pretty hip piece of work, and we can highly recommend taking a look at his filmography. This one should go down as an indie classic.


As Seen on the Documentary Channel

Hey Dillon: The Last Great DJ-Directed by Dean J Augustin-2009

As technology and tastes change the number of DJ’s, radio announcers that primarily play music, significantly decline each year. This is the story of Brett Dillon, who has been a country DJ since age 15.

Although eclectic movies aren’t for everyone, an argument could easily be made that this movie isn’t for anyone. Brett Dillon is a great DJ, and like any great DJ he is persistently annoying, has a terrible haircut, and dresses like he robbed a corpse.

What Brett lacks in talent and camera presence, the filmmakers match with their own bland style of storytelling. This would include interviewing people about Dillon in a manner which implies that we, the viewer, should already know who these “legends” are. The editing between the interview subjects and the stock footage is just atrocious. There is quite a bit of tasteless, pseudo new wave country rock also on display here.

This movie is pretty much the equivalent of being stuck in a long line at the grocery store, and the person either in front of you or behind you is a work a day laymen who attempts to get your attention by venting about there job at the sock factory.From the first you moment you meet Brett Dillon, you want to punch him.

Keep watching and you’ll want to do worse to the people responsible for this “endeavor”.

It’s Okay To Not Like Yelawolf

You don’t actually have to like Yelawolf in order to like Yelawolf. You just have to err on the right side of the equation. Take for instance, that douchebag that shows up to like 1% of your social functions and when you get them talking to see if they speak the same language, he says something like

” Yeah, I listen to The Black Keys”

That poser couldn’t even name a Black Keys song, but you know what he’s all about; the babes residing in your scene. Who can blame him?

Well it’s high time you got yours. You’ll need to dig deep into the depths of wardrobe fuckery and accessorize a wifebeater shirt with a black scarf and wool cap. Forge a pair of cut off shorts and soak them in a tub of Corona overnight.

You’re going to the Yelawolf show, where they proudly serve restaurant quality ass.