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Pitch Perfect Animal Kingdom

After his mother dies, 17 year old Joshua “J” Cody ( a very solid James Frencheville) now has to live with his criminal family members whom he has not seen in years.  This family consists of his grandmother, sociopathically played by Jackie Weaver, who was nominated for an academy award for this role, and her four sons, J’s uncles.  The uncles have a varied emotional range, and are being investigated by the Armed Robbery Squad led by Sgt. Nathan Leckie ( Guy Pearce).

The story, written and directed by David Michod, who also wrote a sizzling film we reviewed a while back called Hesher, sucks you in stays with you. Subtle acting all around, deft camera work and editing, a slow building intensity, and certain elements that are left to the viewer’s interpretation, this winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival does exactly what it should.

“You’ve done some bad things, sweetie”



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2 responses to “Pitch Perfect Animal Kingdom

  1. Animal Kingdom is probably one of the best gangster movies that’s come out in awhile, and one not linked to Scorsese. I loved this movie from beginning to end, especially Joel Edgarton. And Jackie Weaver made short and tiny grandmothers utterly terrifying.

  2. Thank you for reading. Joel Edgerton was great, and I was looking forward to what he would do after this. So far, so..average. Movies like a remake of The Thing or Warrior isn’t where it’s at. He’s making a solid living though.

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