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Crispin Glover Well Worth The Price of Admission

Ol’ Crispin Glover participates in just enough mainstream big timey work to make average film goers go ” huh yeah, that guy”.

We consider the fine readers of kidmiracleshitter to be well above average. In fact, we are positive you’ve  seen 1991’s unheralded comedy classic Ruben and Ed.

Last year Kevin Smith toured with his film Red State and charged over $50 dollars for a viewing and his bullshit parade. This is something Crispins’ been doing for close to twenty years now. Minus the politicking, lies, mugging for the crowd, and at a fraction of the price.

For $15-$20 range you’ll get an intense evening of art, poetry , humor, and films. He’s very generous with his time and if you can keep up an engage him in conversation you’ll get some answers, some theories, and some ideas that will stay with you long after the night is through.

Currently Crispin is currently two films into his “It” trilogy. When he brings his unique art to your part of the world, by all means indulge.

What Is It? trailer

It’s Fine. Everything Is Fine! trailer


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