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13 Assassins, A Modern Classic

There’s no fronting in 13 Assassins, a samurai movie for people who like samurai movies. Director Takashi Mike does an excellent job of playing to the audiences expectations of the genre, and delivering one hell of a pay off.

A superb ensemble cast of Japanese cinema all stars play the 13 assassins who are recruited to take down an overly sadistic heir to the ruling shogun, and his small army.With dialogue as crisp as it’s cinematography, thunderous sound editing, and a full on hour long action sequence, 13 Assassins is a little deeper than it should be and more violent than it ought to be.

If you know anyone who owns the movie 300, punch them square and the balls and tell all there friends to watch 13 Assassins. You wont be able to live with yourself if you don’t.



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One response to “13 Assassins, A Modern Classic

  1. Victor De Leon ⋅

    rad write up. gotta see more of Miike’s work.

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