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This Really Happened

We’re not sure how, we’re not sure why, all we really know is that Elliott Gould’s finest hour coincided with Robert Mitchum’s worst.


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2 responses to “This Really Happened

  1. How is it that simply anybody can write a website and acquire as widespread as this? Its not like youve said something incredibly spectacular –more like youve painted a reasonably picture over a difficulty that you simply recognize nothing concerning I don’t want to sound mean, here. but do you really suppose that you can escape with adding some pretty pictures and not really say anything?

    • kidmiracleshitter ⋅

      Time to empty my wrist in the bath tub. You caught me, I’m a fraud. Oh wait, I’m not the one spamming the message board with broken English while trying to promote moneymakingonline, you are. Fraud.

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