13 Assassins, A Modern Classic

There’s no fronting in 13 Assassins, a samurai movie for people who like samurai movies. Director Takashi Mike does an excellent job of playing to the audiences expectations of the genre, and delivering one hell of a pay off.

A superb ensemble cast of Japanese cinema all stars play the 13 assassins who are recruited to take down an overly sadistic heir to the ruling shogun, and his small army.With dialogue as crisp as it’s cinematography, thunderous sound editing, and a full on hour long action sequence, 13 Assassins is a little deeper than it should be and more violent than it ought to be.

If you know anyone who owns the movie 300, punch them square and the balls and tell all there friends to watch 13 Assassins. You wont be able to live with yourself if you don’t.



What You’re Listening to in 2011: Handsome Furs

We’re not going to talk about Wolf Parade, as matter a fact, we’re not going to talk about Wolf Parade at all.

Handsome Furs are back with there second full length album, Sound Kapital. Like there last album, there’s just something about there music that leaves you feeling like you live in the world of Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark video.  Less rocky this time around, the Furs keyboard and beats take center stage and deliver some sweet confection.


Takeshi Kitano Is Back In Town

Hot damn, the Beat Takeshi we all know and love is back.  The black humor is back. The brutal violence is back. The dream like quality floating from scene to scene is back.This time around he leaves the poetry behind while still featuring his minimalist dialogue, stoic acting, and sublime camera work.

In Outrage, we get a glimpse of Yakuza life in the 21st century where there is a complete lack of honor among thieves. The chairman of the Yakuza, plays different criminal families against each other and Ol’ Takeshi is just  a cog in the wheel who is determined to have the last word.

Not so much an action movie, but a violent reaction, Outrage is one of the most exciting movies to be seen this year.


In Trash Humpers We Trust

Although Harmony Korine’s latest gem has nothing to do with William.S.Burroughs, there’s something about it that feels as if  you’re immersed in some tiny fragment of his mind.

Trash Humpers is to be presented as if you found some warped, vaguely greasy, VHS tape laying outside your apartment complex dumpster, and gave it a ‘what the hell’ watch before re-depositing it in said dumpster. The loosely based story is about a roving pack of demented southern perverts who wallow in there own perverseness.

This film is ugly to look at, and terrible to listen to, but you’ll feel compelled to see just how far it goes.


Dogtooth: Dis Ish is Some Good Ish

Dogtooth walks a fine line. One the one hand, it’s deliriously insane, and, on the other, probably not too far removed from the experiences of growing up in a below average household.

Here, the family patriarch invents new forms of abuse to supposedly prevent the kids from being corrupted by the cancers of the real world. This manufactured existence hits a snag when the children begin getting sexual urges. That seems fitting, considering that when one starts having or becoming interested in sex, that’s when one typically begins to disregard the ways and rules of even the best households.

This will probably be the most powerful film experience you’ll endure, as you just might relate to it more than you care to admit to.