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Jim Jarmusch Probably Had A Hangover or Something

An action movie without action, this film follows the character of the Lone Man who seems to be, at the very least, a courier for the underbelly set.

A great deal of questions are raised that that the viewer never learns the answers to. Although that everything the Lone Man does appears to be carefully planned out, you never really learn the who, where, what and why behind his actions.  While it’s usually refreshing to have some elements of any story left up to the viewers interpretation, there is just too much missing from The Limits of Control.

Although Jim Jarmusch has a long, rich, and luxurious history of delivering something different, this just isn’t his best work. The co stars are trying way too hard to act cool and/or mysterious, and the subtext of  ” ideas and art” changing the how things work, is a little played out. There are some redeeming qualities. It’s beautifully shot,  has an exotic soundtrack, some subtle homages to the art film  genre. Paz de le Huerta has a body that you will never forget, and Bill Murray delivers the greatest ‘fuck you’ in cinema history.

As much fun as it is to watch, you’re ultimately left with the unnerving feeling that the film your watching is starring back at you.



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