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Hell Ride is Doopid

Feel bad for anyone who was psyched to see Hell Ride after the post Kill Bill hype of hearing that Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen, and Quentin Tarantino would be involved in a violent road movie. Considering that Larry Bishop was also involved with the ultra shitty and unwatchable Mad Dog Time, it may be wise to question who’s money was used to get this movie made. You really have to put some kind of time, effort, and energy into a movie that stars Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper and still have it turn out to be a runny dump. The pacing is wretched, the non story convoluted, and Tarantino wisely removed himself from this…”project”

To be fair, the entire genre of biker films aren’t really known for there quality entertainment. Even the most popular ones are typically so bad they’re good, and there best offering, Easy Rider, is an acquired taste. Let us take a moment to note that there current boy, Sons of Anarchy, is a terribly uneven soap opera.

If you really need your biker film fix, scratch that itch with a little bit of Werewolves on Wheels.


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